The De Marco company (ITALIAN DETAILS FACTORY) specialises in high quality stylistic and aesthetic aluminium accessories for BMW motorbikes. Our aim is to offer the highest quality standards and an all-Italian style, characteristics that have made our country famous. We propose a modern design for our items and a variety of surface finishes.

De Marco has deep roots. It was founded in 1971 on the intuition of Dilvio De Marco, as a producer of automotive prototypes, and still bears his name today. Riccardo De Marco and Gloria De Marco, the founder's children, joined the company in 1996 after gaining experience in Formula 1 and in companies in the plastic and aluminium sector respectively. Over the years the company has grown, investing in the latest machinery and software and consolidating its presence both in prototypes and in low volume production.

The company's customers include the biggest and most prestigious car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Rolls Royce. But it is also the official supplier of BMW Motorrad and is involved in the Bavarian company's most recent projects (such as the R18). Our predilection for innovation and love for aesthetic research combined with a passion for motorbikes and motorcycling were the motivations that led Dilvio De Marco SpA to create a highly specialised team dedicated exclusively to the world of the two-wheel aftermarket.

Using state-of-the-art design, planning and measurement software, we scan and reverse engineer the parts, creating the design and style, through to feasibility and simulation testing. Using hydraulic presses and leading-edge laser machinery, we are able to turn a fascinating idea into concrete, solid reality. The final step is to give the blank part an attractive look and finish, and we have the skills and technology to do this, ranging from chrome plating to paint, and polished anodised to satin finish. We are certified to the new DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.

In the forefront will always be you, our customer, and we work not only to get to know you, but we are CONVINCED that your ideas can also be a stimulus and support for the creation of new styling concepts able to improve riding comfort. That's why we have created the "propose an idea" section for you to post ideas and suggestions, with the aim of meeting your needs and creating something unique. All of them will be viewed, and the most attractive implemented. You are all invited to participate and the ideas selected will be rewarded with De Marco gadgets.