Our innovative spirit, ever driving us to create new ideas and strive for the highest quality, is supported and nurtured by the most advanced design, engineering, measurement and reverse engineering software solutions:

We use the most advanced design, engineering and measurement software solutions.

CAD: CATIA V.5, Siemens Unigraphics NX

CAM: Taglio Work NC

CAD 3D Viewer

Laser cutting software: S.I. Engineering

Traditional measurement software, Metrologic Metrolog II

Production management software: DM Gestpro

Data exchange: Odex (Standard Odette), KVS

Laser measurement software: Innovometric Polyworks and Steinbichler

FEM modelling simulation: Autoform

The manufacture of parts, whether large or small, involves a complex work cycle in which timing, costs and final quality have to be optimised, supported by a lean philosophy rooted within our own situation. With the help of high-tech tools and unique, highly specialised know-how, we guarantee unrivalled quality throughout the production cycle. With our service centres, we make the dies that will be used to cold-cast aluminium parts.

We employ the latest technology for our aluminium casting, including:

• Gigant 315 tonne hydraulic press. 

• Omera 800 tonne hydraulic press.

We do cutting work on steel, stainless steel and aluminium using state-of-the-art cutting machines such as: 

• 5-axis Prima Industrie Optimo 2545 - 2500 W laser cutting machine with working range 4500x2500x920 mm

• 5-axis Prima Industrie Rapido 5 - 2500 W laser cutting machine with working range 3200x1500x600 mm

• 5-axis Prima Industrie Rapido Evoluzione 2 Fibre - 3000 W laser cutting machine with working range 4080x1530x765 mm

And we use the best polishing centres to give our products an unrivalled look. 

Our process is guaranteed by the careful monitoring of every step tested by many years of experience...